The Surprise at Pimlico

The Surprise at Pimlico by Yanni PapaSomething on

I took this with my LG G3 which has been producing consistently great photos since I got it. It was my first attempt at black and white. I can’t wait to get my hands on an LG V10 to try that bad boy’s camera out! Hurry up and release it already!

hard drive failure

Of course, my computer’s hard drive would fail just as I’m trying to recover the lost archives of this site. Luckily I was able to use an older database dump and partially restore the site. It will have to do, temporarily, as the old hard drive needs to be replaced before I can do any more. After a lot of similar hardware boo-boos I’ve learned to keep backups but as my approach to them seems to be “throw everything ‘somewhere’ for peace of mind, walk away, do things, repeat” I now have a number of versions of my files that I’ll need to shift through before I can find the latest version of everything. You see, I back up but I’m not very organised at it.

At least, nothing was lost this time.

Lisa, a beautiful person

I do not want to write this entry. It is painful and unfair to have lost such a wonderful person. But there is no fairness in life, sickness or death. There are no people who deserve bad things to happen to them but it hurts that much more when people who lived their life in the best possible way by being honest, fair and respectful of those around them, get taken from us so soon.

Lisa (or fembat, as a few of us knew her) was one of those people. She lived in the best possible way no matter what cards she was dealt. Her optimism inspired me and many others during the best and worst of times as she never stopped dreaming, working and fighting to achieve her goals and dreams in life. The only thing that managed to defeat her was cancer. She had been fighting this awful disease for years without knowing it.

I spoke with Lisa’s mother who has been contacted by a number of people offering kind words and condolences. If you would like to leave any messages for her family please do so here (or email me privately) and I’ll make sure they reach them.

Our Lisa was and will always be loved by everyone who was privileged to know her. She will be missed and remembered fondly. This blog post can’t do her justice but I get too emotional trying to put my feelings into sentences and I’m sorry for that.

Lisa, I love you and I miss you.

hello world 2

I’m revamping the blog and making some changes so if anything breaks please bear with me.

Some older content will reappear as I rejig things.

Hold on tight!