whoops, Ruthie forgot a title

noname (1)Wow. That went fast. Faster that I’d even remembered it could go! Thanks again lovely for letting me join you and your merry band of bloggers! I snapped this lil pic with my camera phone a few minutes ago! I smiled reeeeealy big so you couldn’t tell how I awful I look this early in the morning without a shower! LOL  It’s funny, I actually get up this early ever ymorning now! I started a new job two weeks ago, and my alarm goes off at 4:20am, so that I can be out the door @ 5am.  Seems crazy to me that I am up that early – it’s still DARK outside! But, my work day is half over by 10am and I’m off work at 2pm. The trade off is worth it!

I’m going to hand the reins of this blog back now, but before I go, I wanted to leave everyone with a bit of Ruthie Randomness!

  • I really enjoyed Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince – reReading the book, not so much the movie. It was pretty, and filled with great special effects, but it left SO much of the book out that it’s just not..the same…place or feel!
  • I though i’d miss my long hair, and while I do, I freaking love the easy simpleness of this short hair! the only thing I don’t love so much, is the colour. it’s boring. I’m gonna have to change that up!
  • I am still learning how to post my location via BrightKite. Sometimes I don’t know the address of where I am, and then I never can remember if I always have to check in first! Then it’s like…what? I have to make TWO lil Text Messages? So. Much. Work
  • My life is very different from the way it was last summer.  I have a better job, but I live with my parents and we can’t afford to move out into our own place. Yet. So, I am trying to find joy in the little things and not let the Big Things Weigh me Down. Some days, are a lot harder, than others.
  • I did get to see “The Hangover” and “The Proposal” at the Drive in a couple weeks ago. We had a hard time paying attention and watching, but that was out fault. Not the movies fault. I liked them, but couldn’t tell you if you would. I don’t remember enough about them. LOL
  • This Song Makes me Happy, Maybe it will make you Happy too!
  • I want to put another bullet point in here, but I can’t think of anything else!  It’s 6:26 and It’s taken me this whole time to post!  Writing Blogs is Hard!  I heart twitter! http://twitter.com/LukaIsntLuka
  • The End.

oh, and a P.S! As this is the most recent Video I have posted on YouTube! Ruthie’s Reality Video Three

One thought on “whoops, Ruthie forgot a title

  1. I really like your shorter hair but I liked it long too. Definitely when it comes to hair simplicity is better especially in the summer.

    You really have to learn how to use BrightKite. You scared me the other day with your Hospital location. 😆 At least it was great news!

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