I have been writing, on and off, since 2005 as a way to blow off some steam. If you look back through the archives you’ll find that this site started as a space to share personal stories but has since evolved. I try to write about everything that I find interesting which is, admittedly, a pretty wide subject area. My interests range from popular culture to academia and technology to digital marketing.

I try to approach everything with an open mind, a positive attitude and a healthy dose of humour.

I enjoy reading books I like over and over again (*cough*Harry*cough*Potter), get excited over new technologies and gadgets. My educational background covers a fairly wide range of fields, having received a BSc in Computer Science and a MA in Creative Media, which reflects both my professional and personal interests. This means I spend a lot of my time reading, thinking and writing about technology and media. When I have the time I also try my hand at photography.

This site tries to be funny but I’m not sure it always succeeds in that so please try to be forgiving.

What you’ll read here is mostly powered by caffeine.