almost at the 5th stage: Acceptance (of what it means to go to the gym)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started going to the gym again. I am less whinny about it now. Yes, almost. I have come to terms with the fact that some people will smell and that some guys are committed to the whole ‘if you love your balls set them free’ thing. I have also accepted that gyms are not clean places, that you will be in contact with other people’s sweat, and your sense of smell will be violated by the B.O. of the stubbornly unwashed.

I found the following graph to be fairly accurate so far. (click to embiggen)

what happens when joining a gymI have seen only a tiny improvement in my fitness because it is still early days but I wish I could see results faster so it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting my time. Well, I’m a Generation Y-er so the instant gratification expectations are almost assumed here. However, I’m trying to take advantage of this by trying harder. I just want to see at least a small change before the thoughts of giving up start creeping in.

It’s not meant to be easy, I get it. So I will continue to be a constantly sore wreck, standing in front of the internets, asking you to keep encouraging me.

4 thoughts on “almost at the 5th stage: Acceptance (of what it means to go to the gym)

  1. I do not shower at the gym. No way no day! I will go to the gym at 3am in order to come home and shower if I need to be somewhere at 6am.


    Keep going, they say it pays off. I haven’t seen the results of it but, you know…

  2. @Miss Zilch: Don’t you feel yucky on your way home? But wow, you go at 3 in the morning? I don’t think I’ll ever have the willpower to get up so early and then force myself to work out on top of that. How come you don’t shower at the gym though. I know that a lot of people prefer to not undress or show off their birthday suit in front of strangers. Is that it? Or are the showers disgusting at your gym? BTW, there was no hot water at mine yesterday and so I had to leave without showering. I didn’t want my dick to fall off, ya know? It was ice cold!!!!

  3. ooh no. I don’t go at three am, just saying if I had to I would in order to shower at home. It is only a 5 minute bike ride home, if that.

    I don’t like public showers. They give me the shakes. lol

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