Blogathon ’07 :: finish line! Thank you all!!!

I do not know where to begin! This has been an experience that has proven worth the pain. Wait, what pain? I am exhilarated I could do another 24 hours for you guys!

You have been amazing! I great big thank you to all the sponsors!


You can still keep commenting on all the 49 posts that I wrote for the blogathon (shhhh I think there’s actually more than 49).

I huge thank you to the incredible being from Australia who is none other than my guest blogger Adrian. Adrian helped when I was too brain dead to finish a post on time and post it. That’s when he swooped in and saved the day! Without him this wouldn’t have worked.

Also, a big big BIG thank you to the incredibly courageous monitor Andrew Odlum who was there all night for me!

Here are the winners of the prizes. Remember how there were 6 prizes? Well there WILL be 6 winners:

The mastheads go to:

  • Yoshi
  • Hugh
  • Pandora

The therapy in the making original and homemade t-shits go to:

  • Sarah
  • Laci
  • and Andrew because he frickin deserves it that’s why!

I will contact all the winners by the end of the week if I don’t hear from them.

B-Schedulers have a great rest of Blogathon and catch ya all tomorrow (if I can master looking at another blog by then).

I shall be posting the Best of my Blogathon ’07 in a few minutes so drop by later for the reruns. Heehee!

You can still sponsor me for my effort until Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Blogathon ’07 :: finish line! Thank you all!!!

  1. I won something? sweeet! LOL I had way too much last night with the movie quote game. I thought about doing it again next year, but wow…not sure. 😛

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