Why do they keep delivering stuff when I’m sleeping?

7:45?! seven-frickin-fortyfive?!?!?

SEVEN-FRICKIN-FORTYFIVE IN THE MORNING?!?! Even if I wasn’t asleep I would probably be showering or generally trying to regain consciousness. I’m not a morning person.

and then, steve did it, again

Okay, so this is the story so far. I ordered a new MacBook (aka BlackBook) which is supposed to be arriving today. However Apple announced the updated MacBooks today. The one I ordered is the 2.2GHz Intel Dual Core one which has just been upgraded to a 2.4GHz Intel (Penryn) Dual Core.



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In other news but similar news, I tried changing my MSN Messenger nickname to “I hate you, Steve Jobs” and to my surprise got an error message saying that my chosen nickname was not allowed! Now I am royally pissed off!

don’t you dare, steve!

If they announce new MacBooks today (as per the rumour) I will be very upset. I hope they only announce new MacBook Pro’s. I will explain why soon but I’m sure it’s easy to imagine/guess why.

i see WEIRD people

To the person who found this site by googling “pee soaked hair”…


Also, why am I ranking for that term?!

Walking down the road last night:

“Can you spare some change mate, my girlfriend just threw me out…”