naked on the floor

This weekend has really flown by. Actually it’s not just this weekend but lately all the days seem to go by very quickly and I feel like I should be two months behind. To prove it, my wall calendar is still telling me that it’s February. I don’t know what happened but that must have been the month I stopped understanding what days, weeks and months (if not time in general too) mean. But I digress, that is a discussion for a different post, this post is…. a Saturday Scene!

I’ve been meaning to integrate my @SatScenes in the blog for ages but I never actually did. Probably because I wasn’t posting much in general.

So, this Saturday after a walk around the shops with “the wife” we decided to visit a new café in the Brighton Lanes which stays open late. Like every coffee shop should! I won’t start ranting about this now but they really shouldn’t close early. Anyway, I’m referring to the Naked café which might actually be a part of a chain or whatever they’re called. I generally don’t like chains but this was a pretty one. We sat in an area without chairs where instead they have placed pillows against the walls and tiny tables in front of them. It’s pretty. Not necessarily comfortable but cosy nonetheless and it made me feel a little childish too. Okay, I’m almost always childish but usually that character trait is not encouraged by my surroundings… How amazing was that whoopie pie? I’m salivating just thinking about it! Definitely having another one when we go back.

naked on the floor - okay not really, we're just having coffee at naked on the floorAs always, click to embiggen.

walking through a month-long fog

I woke up from a dream where everything around me was misty. Thick fog was blurring my surroundings and I had no idea where I was headed. I was following the road I was on thinking that this was the best way to not get lost. When I opened my eyes the sun was shining and warming my bed through the bedroom window. I could feel the gentle morning sun warmth on my skin. Not being a morning person means that I do not express anything for at least the first 30 minutes of being awake (on my best days) but I was smiling on the inside. I was smiling because the nastiness of the past few weeks is over. The weather is getting warmer every day and it feels like summer every time I go outside.

Guys in just flip-flops and shorts are walking around or sunbathing in the parks. Girls in their most casual clothes are basking in the sun and drinking brightly coloured frozen drinks. Young children are playing at the beach. Older people are sitting in deck chairs chatting away while the sun reddens their skin. I am walking past them all in my usual fast pace wishing that I could be one of them even for only an hour. They all look so carefree and at that very moment I get pulled into their lives. Suddenly I am a young boy throwing pebbles in the sea trying to make a bigger splash than the rest of my recently met friends. I am a mother of 3 smiling as I take a photo of my children acting goofy. I am an old man walking my dog along the seafront with the help of a walking cane. Just like that, I’m there imagining what they are thinking and feeling. I am not imagining what their lives are like but what they are feeling that very moment. They seem happy.

I keep walking and I can’t help but notice that everyone looks happy. Hell, even I am looking happy. It doesn’t matter that I have a very difficult month ahead of me. It doesn’t matter that this month is what will judge whether the last 4 years of my life have been successful or I should had spent my time and money in something else. The only thing that matters is that in exactly a month from today I will be finished with this course. I will not be bound by coursework. I will be able to enjoy my summer and choose my next steps.

The dream was true; I don’t know where I am headed but I am following that road. The road will soon take me to the next town and the fog will clear by the time I get there. Where I go from there is a whole different trip but until then I will remember all this and keep that smile on my face no matter how stressed I get. The wonderful weather will make it harder to stay inside and study but it will elevate my mood and a good mood is vital when preparing for final exams. Final! That word gives me goosebumps!

Off I go!

cutting school to enjoy the sun

After my lecture today I left Uni and went down to the beach since I had about an hour to kill. The weather was incredible and since I hadn’t been out in more than a week I decided to walk around. As part of my New Year’s Resolution, I now carry my camera with me every day. The point of this is that I can now use it more often and take pictures whenever I get the chance or come across something interesting.

Since it was sunny and everyone was out enjoying the sun I set out to take some photos. I set my camera on Auto so I wouldn’t need to pause for setting up, put my headphones on and went for it.

This outing really helped me clear my head. Of course I expect the stress to come back once the next deadline approaches.

I have added some of the photos below.

People prefer to sit on the pebbles

The Seafront Carousel

Helping Hand

Pavilion Palace Garden

The Royal Pavilion Palace

Walking down the road last night:

“Can you spare some change mate, my girlfriend just threw me out…”