dude, that line is almost vertical on that graph!

It is again my turn! I am taking over my own blog! Yay! I am so tired that my brain isn’t really functioning right now but here goes anyway. Welcome to the last shift for this year’s Blogathon on Therapy in the Making.

I was just trying to come up with ideas for what to write about and I was staring at the Dashboard page of my blog until I noticed it. The traffic stats for my blog.


I’ve been wondering why the site seemed a bit sluggish! It’s obviously because it has been attracting fifteen times the number of visitors it normally does. I haven’t seen numbers like these in years (this used to be a popular blog once upon a time, when I actually blogged regularly). This is crazy, you guys! I feel very pleased that we had such a big audience. It’s very disappointing to try to participate in such an exhausting event and feel like you’re alone or that no one cared. Even if not all of you donated or commented, I know that at least people cared enough to read us. That alone is proof that this was another successful year for Blogathon in general. No matter the bad timing of the event and the conflicts with the two very popular conventions/conferences (Comic-Con and BlogHer) people the participants were still able to reach a decently large audience.

I can only hope that when Blogathon is on again next year, and it’d better be, we will not have to worry about everyone being away and busy somewhere else and more blogs will be able to participate.

I’m so glad right now. Although this could also be because I’m exhausted and we’re finally approaching the end.

officially doing Blogathon ’09!

Hello everybody!

I am very happy to announce that Therapy in the Making will be taking part in this year’s Blogathon! I thought it would be more fun to involve as many people as possible so I asked my twitter and blogging friends to join me this weekend (starting on Saturday 25/7/09) and blog for 24 hours for a good cause.

The people who have agreed to be in the group so far are:
Dave2 (of Blogography)
Katie (of Kat Scratch Fever)
Monique (of When We Were Liars)
Ruthie (of the internets in general – seriously she’s done it all and has the domains to prove it)
and me!

Anyone can still join us though! If you want to take part in Blogathon ’09 but can’t do the whole 24 hours you are welcome to be a guest blogger here for as many hours as you can or even for just one post. Just let me know. Get in touch via therapyinthemaking@gmail.com.

We will be blogging and raising money for Doctors Without Borders. You may start sponsoring us already! The donations should be made directly to the Doctors Without Borders through their website. Once you have sponsored us you will be eligible to win one of the wonderful sponsor rewards we’ll be giving out at the end of the 24 hours. These will be announced at a later time.

That’s all right now but there’s so much more to come! We’re planning some great things for you.

So excited!

Update: A couple more lovely people have volunteered to join us in this effort and will be blogging for you during Blogathon. They are:
Sodapop (of The Soda Stand)
dreimer1217 (of I’m The Loud Friend)

Update 2: The lovely MyPinkMexico (of My Pink Mexico) will be joining us too! She is preparing something very exciting for you but I’ll her explain everything when the time comes.

very QUICK and URGENT post

I had this idea this morning. As some of you might know, I am trying to organise myself so I can take part in Blogathon ’09. If you don’t know what it is let me give you the quick intro. If you do know then you can skip the next paragraph:

You take part by entering a blog address, you name(s) and the charity you are doing this for. Then starting at 6am Pacific Time (follow this link to see what time that is where you are) all the blogs taking part will start posting and will continue to do so for the next 24 hours. New posts must be up every 30 minutes. You can find more info on the official Blogathon website.

Now this where you come in. If you cannot take part for the whole 24 hour period but still want to participate then let me know. I will be up for the duration of the event and will be taking part but if any of you want to join then this is your chance to take over my blog (therapy in the making) for a couple of posts or even a few hours. We can even do it in turns and you can post randomly or in scheduled intervals during the day.

You have until Friday to let me know if you’re interested but as no applications will be accepted after the 22nd of July, we need to hurry. That is IF you have a specific idea about a charity you’d like this blog to raise money and awareness for on the day. If you just want to take part in the fun you are more than welcome to but if you have a specific charity you’d like us to blog for then please come forward now as there’s only a day left to get that in order. I am looking at rewards for the sponsors (small gifts to keep things fun and everyone happy) but if you have any ideas then please let me know about them too.

If you don’t want to leave a comment here and would rather we talked about this in private then please get in touch over email at therapyinthemaking@gmail.com.

That’s all for now. Please spread the word and link or tweet and retweet links to this post.

for he is excellent?

Rated E for Excellent

Yoshi was kind enough to give me an award and not just any award! Look! I’m rated E! I will wear this badge with pride and honour from now on, even though I never thought of this blog as excellent. I think it’s more of a random mess of words and ramblings. I like to just blurt out whatever pops into my head and it’s mostly used to accommodate my need of an outlet about things I can’t discuss with other people. Hmmmm, maybe I need more friends that will listen? No, already have that! I think I might be too self centred then and want the world to know about what I’m going through? Yes, that sounds like a more reasonable explanation, I’ll stick with that. I am not ready to admit I am addicted to writing about my life.

Right, enough with the weird thought process above. Now for the acceptance speech:

I want to thank the Yoshi Academy *sobs*, my parents, my brother, my imaginary friends *sobs more*, Nescafé, Starbucks, Redbull. I also want to thank my procrastination for keeping this blog alive, ABBA for the music, India, providence, terror, nothingness, disillusionment, clarity, frailty, consequence and other random Alanis Morissette words from her songs. *sobs one last time* Most importantly though, I want to thank the people who have been around commenting and offering their kind supporting words whenever I am down or things get rough for me.

It is now my turn to offer this award to 10 people that were not already in Yoshi’s list. In no particular order:

I could go on but I’m limited to 10 people and I like to play by the rules. Danalyn does not get one because like Yoshi said she needs to blog more. She is awesome though and so she deserves an honourable mention.

This award started at Project Mommy and I think she’s the most Excellent one of all of us for starting this.

while the blog was down

Since this blog died on Friday night I have not been able to post about things I’ve been up to here. Of course I’m still guest blogging at Pandora’s Box while the wonderful Pandora is away and this helped a little but there are things that don’t belong there and that should be here. The blog downage (it is a real word because I said it) yesterday meant that there isn’t an addition to my Mondayz Tunez this week. I will post another song next week since this is my second post for today and I don’t want to over-post.

The first and very big and awesome piece of news is that the plaid toaster has now been saved! Melanie’s blog was in danger of closing down but everyone helped and the crisis has been averted! I may not know Melanie very well but I tried to help too because that’s what I would like other people to do for me if I was ever in any trouble and I can totally understand what it feels like to be left without a outlet for your daily woes.

In other news, as promised here are links to more of my posts on Pandora’s Box:
Mutter #267
therapy in the making is down! I. must. keep. calm.
Nothing fancy like my first guest post there so far but you can go have a read and comment too!

Moving forward in time to last night now… I went to Jacob’s Stories Album Launch Show. (Jacob’s Stories MySpace page – you can hear some of the songs here) The show was great and the other two bands there supporting Jacob’s Stories were very good also but the highlight of the night for me was the performance of Jacob’s Stories. I have photos and video from the night which I will post later or tomorrow and I got Stuart to sign my copy of the album for which I am very excited! After last night I have decided to make more of an effort to attend shows of local bands.

Today I was invited to go to an advanced screening of 27 Dresses which I decided not to go to even though I thought the film would be a good laugh. I have a lot of work to do for my final year project (which is due very soon). I will try and watch it some other time that I’ll have less to do.

This is it for now. I hope you’re having a nice Tuesday!