Blogathon ’07 :: finish line! Thank you all!!!

I do not know where to begin! This has been an experience that has proven worth the pain. Wait, what pain? I am exhilarated I could do another 24 hours for you guys!

You have been amazing! I great big thank you to all the sponsors!


You can still keep commenting on all the 49 posts that I wrote for the blogathon (shhhh I think there’s actually more than 49).

I huge thank you to the incredible being from Australia who is none other than my guest blogger Adrian. Adrian helped when I was too brain dead to finish a post on time and post it. That’s when he swooped in and saved the day! Without him this wouldn’t have worked.

Also, a big big BIG thank you to the incredibly courageous monitor Andrew Odlum who was there all night for me!

Here are the winners of the prizes. Remember how there were 6 prizes? Well there WILL be 6 winners:

The mastheads go to:

  • Yoshi
  • Hugh
  • Pandora

The therapy in the making original and homemade t-shits go to:

  • Sarah
  • Laci
  • and Andrew because he frickin deserves it that’s why!

I will contact all the winners by the end of the week if I don’t hear from them.

B-Schedulers have a great rest of Blogathon and catch ya all tomorrow (if I can master looking at another blog by then).

I shall be posting the Best of my Blogathon ’07 in a few minutes so drop by later for the reruns. Heehee!

You can still sponsor me for my effort until Tuesday!

child abuse awareness post #9


  • On average one child is killed by their parent or carer every week in England and Wales*

*Home Office (2004) Crime in England and Wales 2002-3: Supplementary Volume 1, Homicide and Gun Crime

child abuse awareness post #8


  • The National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse estimated that the cost of child abuse to statutory and voluntary agencies is £1 billion per year in the UK*

*National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse, 1996, Childhood Matters: Report of the National Commission of Enquiry into the prevention of Child Abuse

clumsy to the core – 5 favourite clumsy moments

The combination of sleep deprivation, coffee and my supernatural ability to break stuff instantly by merely thinking about them is starting to take its toll on my surroundings. In the past hour I’ve managed to lose two posts when I was just about to click the publish button, I have crashed Firefox in a spectacular way which led to the whole computer crashing and losing all the information I had prepared for next couple of posts. I have sent my phone flying across the room when I involuntary pushed a book that was on my desk and which in turn hit the shelf where the phone was sitting quietly minding it’s own business.

I have spoken about my clumsiness many times before on this blog but here’s a list of my 5 most favourite clumsy things I’ve done:

  • Kneed myself in the face
  • Starting singing and dancing to the music playing while taking a shower only to end up flat on my arse hugging the shower curtain
  • I reassured my manager at work that I had everything under control and then proceeded to walk into a wall
  • I stood up a little too quickly, gave myself a headrush, and fell back down again bringing a whole shelf of CD’s along with me for the ride
  • I tried to catch a set of keys someone threw at me only to juggle them in the air for a couple of seconds before sending them flying out the window

PS: My spelling and grammar are starting to deteriorate at this point so I apologise for any mistakes I may be making.

child abuse awareness post #7


  • NSPCC teams and Helplines accepted over 24,000 requests for help in 2003-4*

*NSPCC Services for Children and Young People Annual Statistics 2003-4