hour 16 tiredness is becoming an issue – i need an energy boost

Hour sixteen and still managing. I haven’t heard a word from my monitor in many many hours so I hope he’s okay. Andrew if you’re out there and still surviving please say something!

The sun is coming up (for the past couple of hours actually) and I am starting to feel the morning chill coming in through the window. Mind you, we’re not having a summer here in the UK this year anyway, so it isn’t that much different from the rest of the day. NO! No, I will not resort to talking about the weather (how very un-British of me).

Since it has been 16 hours and I am feeling pretty burnt out, I thought I should write about it. Have you guys got any ideas of what I can do to get an energy boost?

Also if you have any questions to ask or any topics to suggest feel free to put them in a comment on here!

child abuse awareness post #6


  • Over a quarter of all rapes recorded by the police are committed against children under 16 years of age*

*Harris and Grace, 1999, A question of evidence? Investigating and prosecuting rape in the 1990s, Home Office

a note to my neighbour

To the neighbour that had sex last night and was screaming his head off,

Thank you for proving that I would, at some point in my life, wish my ears would fall off. I guess I lost that bet. Here’s something you should never forget: The back street where my bedroom (and apparently yours also) sees, ECHOES. However, here are some pointers:

  • If you’re screaming louder than the woman, you’re doing something wrong
  • You should not pursue a career in singing
  • I didn’t hear the passion in your voice
  • Your G was a bit flat
  • The ending was a little sudden, try to work on that and don’t sound so surprised next time


child abuse awareness post #5


  • Every week in England and Wales one to two children will die following cruelty*

*Office of National Statistics, Mortality Statistics

ranking #1 on google for…

“lost the will to live”!? I feel so proud and accomplished…

The post itself is not one of my worst either! Have a read and a laugh, and remember to sponsor me!