here endeth thy free for all

I extended this month’s Free For All Friday to last until a few minutes ago because I just couldn’t get enough of it but my hosting company crippled my site for a big part of this weekend (again).

I will not go into rant mode now and will put my energy into finishing this post. So, here are this month’s FFAF participants:

And here are my participations on other people’s blogs for FFAF:

Hmmm, I’d have sworn there were more entries to mention in this post. If I forgot anything please leave a comment to let me know. Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope to see you all next month for more Free For All fun (that sounded dirty didn’t it?). Until then, keep in touch!

No Teddy Bear Required

Dear, sweet, Therapy in the Making stopped by my site, saying that I should come over here and participate for FFAF. I normally would’ve ignored it but when he laid it all out there stating that he understood he was shameless, I just had to come over. I appreciate honesty, and one truly has to be shameless to admit they are shameless, right? Well, at least I think so.

So, now, for my own shameless confession. I had a hard time choosing from the topics presented, because all of them are rather applicable to myself. Seeing as I watch movies and download albums from the comfort of my bed, why not combine three topics into one?

So I now present to you my bedtime ritualbuflick smashup:

-Brush Teeth
-Finish my skincare regimen (I’m a girl, it is a must for us!)
-Trip over dog on way to drying my face.
-Trip over cat on way to stand in front of mirror and brush out my wet hair.
-Turn off light.
-Trip over dog on way to finding bed.
-Prior to getting into bed, grab my MacBook Pro off of cart.
-Plug in headphones
-Open up MacBook Pro
-Pull bedcovers aside, waking up a cat in the process.
-Slip into bed under bedcovers.
-Place MacBook Pro on lap, plugging in headphones.
*Shamelessness Alert*
-Watch some Bleach.
-Enjoy one of the songs so much, that I look up the group and download their album.
-Watch more Bleach.
-Notice sun is up.
-Close MacBook Pro.
-Remove headphones from ears and replace with earplugs.
-Get up and put MacBook Pro back on cart.
-Remove cat from recently vacated spot on bed before climbing back in.
-Set Alarm clock.
-Roll over to fall asleep, noting the weight adjustment on the bed as dog hops onto it.


Taking hostage

Oooo… Therapy in the Making is letting us take his website hostage again. Yay, captive audience!

This is cybrpunk from and I have to admit I like posting on this site. It’s so much nicer than mine. But that’s besides the point. I wanted to let everyone know that’ve started up a new website called A Little Scary to host my new webcomic.  It’s just getting started and will be updating on Mondays and Thursdays.  The newest comic was posted yesterday.  So go have a look and let me know what you think!

And to stay on topic with Therapy in the Making’s themes (and to end my shameless self-promotion) the last movie I watched was 28 Weeks Later. It was great! Although I just can’t understand how the Brits can be so unprepared for zombie attacks. They need to get a little more informed on those kinds of things. I’m just saying….

I am legend

I am LegendOk, taking Therapy in the Making’s suggestion of my last movie watched, and it was “I am Legend”. If you haven’t seen this movie with Will Smith, I highly recommend it. I’m thinking about picking up the book, just to have something else to read besides the urban fantasy that I normally read.

I loved the movie, and was a little disappointed in the theatre during the end, I’ll admit it. But if you did see the movie, you MUST watch the alternate ending that was not shown in the theatre, but is on the DVD. If you don’t want to go buy the DVD, you can find the original ending to I am Legend and learn a bit more about the story.

I will warn you, that article is a spoiler! Don’t go there if you haven’t seen the movie!

I’m also doing Free for all Friday, so go on over to hello! yoshi later on! (it’s not Friday for me yet!)

FFAF is upon us!

Update: FFAF will continue here all through the weekend so feel free to post more than once if you feel like it!

This is a sticky post! Scroll down for the most recent content.

It’s that time of the month again! I am opening the blog to everyone so you can post and have fun! Last time there were no themes but I thought this time I would give you some ideas so here are this month’s themes:

  1. Sleeping Habits (yes, I’m stealing this from Topical Tuesday since I didn’t post about it this week)
  2. Actually you can use any of the Topical Tuesday topics if you are stuck for ideas and haven’t posted about them before
  3. The latest film you watched
  4. The latest music album you bought or downloaded legally (or illegally)
  5. And the ever so popular “Writers choice”

Now, for the technicalities. You can post using your own user account here. If you don’t have one just register and I’ll upgrade it so you can post using it. The other option is to use the submission form for which you don’t need to have an account but your post may take a while to appear on the site since I have to moderate any submissions from that form (spam-bots love my site and that’s the only solution to keep this site Viagra and penis enlargement pills free).


  • Remember to use the FFAF category (and any other one you may want to use unless you’re using the submission form which only lets you use one category)
  • Plug yourself in the post
  • and have fun!

So, thanks for coming by! Enjoy this month’s Free For All Friday!

PS: I reserve the right to delete any posts I find offensive to people but feel free to swear. I don’t mind. 🙂