the end of the first FFAF for therapy in the making

Hello everyone! I am a little late in closing the FFAF for this month because I had a small culinary accident. Thanks to everyone who posted and I hope to see you next month for more guest blogging! Don’t be strangers now!

Here are the links to my guest posts on other people’s blogs:

Thanks to all the people who posted today!
Yoshi, Katie and cybrpunk!

Sorry but I have to go now, there’s egg E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

*holds head in hands*

It wasn’t me

Hi this is cybrpunk from hijacking this space momentarily for no real reason other than I can. Or can I? Or did I?

Actually it wasn’t me. It was the devil, he made me do it. Because some pooptart reserved me a place in Hell over the Internets. Thanks a lot Yoshi! Actually Yoshi hasn’t done that. Or has he? It is my birthday soon….

Oh, and it was suggested that I mention ponies. OMG, I LUVS PONIES!!1! 😀

Hi Therapy in the Making readers! Mooooo. Hee hee. Let’s see if he ever allows us to do this again, hehe. I bet he does.

Let’s Talk Cell Phones

Good morning people that read this blog (and probably don’t read mine, pfft! haha)! My name is Katie and I run Kat Scratch Fever and KSF To-Go, among other things. I’m here for Free For All Friday! After you’re done here, you should pop by my blog and leave a post and/or comments there 😀

So! Let’s talk about cell phones, shall we? Why? Why not I say! I remember my first cell phone… it was this big clunky thing on a pay-as-you go service. I try to block that from my memory as much as possible but it doesn’t seem to work. I am much more sophisticated now, with my Blackberry Pearl and stupid contract. I feel so disconnected from my universe whenever I go somewhere that makes me lose my signal. I like having my email and internet and all that jazz.

I think when my contract is up in November and I can switch carriers (I love T-Mobile but the reception in Oregon is terrible), I will switch to Verizon and get myself an enV. I really want the Voyager, but it’s really expensive.

Anyhow! Enough of my blabbering, now it’s your turn. Tell me a story about your cell phone history! First phone? Current phone? Horror story about your butt accidentally dialing someone and them overhearing something that you would have rather they didn’t hear? Spill the beans!

Evil? Going to hell? Fear no more!

Hi everyone, Yoshi here, from hello! yoshi. I’m here for Free For all Friday! Yay! 😀

I thought I’d let everyone know that if you’re in fear of going to Hell, that’s ok. You can still buy your way into heaven by visiting this site, Reserve a Spot in Heaven! You can buy the Essential Travel Kit for only $12.79 USD! But you have a limited time, Heaven can get crowded pretty fast! Oh and if you’re not satisfied, there is a money back guarantee!

“But wait Yoshi,” you say, “What if I don’t want to go to Heaven? I heard it’s really boring!”

That’s ok true believer! You can also Reserve your spot in Hell! That’s right! Here’s a quote from the site: What sounds better, singing songs and reading books in Heaven or taking shots with strippers in Hell? We’ll let you decide!

That’s right folks, buy yourself a one way ticket to Hell for only $12.79 USD! You better hurry, because quantities are limited! Hurry now!

FFAF: Ready, set, go!

Hello all you beautiful people! The time as I’m writing this is closing to midnight. This means that in a couple of minutes I will be opening the blog for Guest Posting. I will upgrade all the registered users to Authors thus allowing them to post freely on here. To be able to post here you need to register as a user and you will automatically be enabled to post. If you have already registered you can login from here.

For those of you who don’t like registrations (I don’t see why but some people don’t like to register) I have placed a form which will allow you to post directly to this blog without the need to register.

I don’t have any guidelines for your posts except for:

      Remember to use the FFAF category (and any other one you may want to use)
      Plug yourself in the post
      and have fun!

I’ll try to make this a sticky post but I’m not sure it will work.

So, thanks for coming by! Enjoy the first Free For All Friday!