and then, steve did it, again

Okay, so this is the story so far. I ordered a new MacBook (aka BlackBook) which is supposed to be arriving today. However Apple announced the updated MacBooks today. The one I ordered is the 2.2GHz Intel Dual Core one which has just been upgraded to a 2.4GHz Intel (Penryn) Dual Core.



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In other news but similar news, I tried changing my MSN Messenger nickname to “I hate you, Steve Jobs” and to my surprise got an error message saying that my chosen nickname was not allowed! Now I am royally pissed off!

i’m not paranoid, i KNOW they’re out to get me

I’m going to be grumpy today. Very grumpy. I think I broke my body clock! I got up at stupid o’clock again! I wasn’t going to stay up but as I was stumbling to the bathroom and was walking past the doorbell someone decided to ring it. Impeccable timing. So I did what every person would do in that deafening situation; I jumped to the wall and tried to claw my way up to the ceiling. I don’t know what kind of instinct took over but you shouldn’t expect very logical reactions from me so early in the morning.