naked on the floor

This weekend has really flown by. Actually it’s not just this weekend but lately all the days seem to go by very quickly and I feel like I should be two months behind. To prove it, my wall calendar is still telling me that it’s February. I don’t know what happened but that must have been the month I stopped understanding what days, weeks and months (if not time in general too) mean. But I digress, that is a discussion for a different post, this post is…. a Saturday Scene!

I’ve been meaning to integrate my @SatScenes in the blog for ages but I never actually did. Probably because I wasn’t posting much in general.

So, this Saturday after a walk around the shops with “the wife” we decided to visit a new café in the Brighton Lanes which stays open late. Like every coffee shop should! I won’t start ranting about this now but they really shouldn’t close early. Anyway, I’m referring to the Naked café which might actually be a part of a chain or whatever they’re called. I generally don’t like chains but this was a pretty one. We sat in an area without chairs where instead they have placed pillows against the walls and tiny tables in front of them. It’s pretty. Not necessarily comfortable but cosy nonetheless and it made me feel a little childish too. Okay, I’m almost always childish but usually that character trait is not encouraged by my surroundings… How amazing was that whoopie pie? I’m salivating just thinking about it! Definitely having another one when we go back.

naked on the floor - okay not really, we're just having coffee at naked on the floorAs always, click to embiggen.