where am i?

Who are all these people walking around like zombies on speed? I hear yelling and cars are driving by with their horns screaming. There is a water fountain and a bunch of people are trying to cool themselves. The temperature keeps rising. It is meant to go up to 36C (96F) but it always gets hotter than what they predict. I am in Greece! I am here for holidays with my family and oh my is it hot! I am too used to the British climate and all this heat is making me tired. All I want to do is sleep.

I have been absent from the blog-world recently because I was all over the place. I spent last week seeing my friends and travelling to London and back. I had very little energy to blog when I got home and I haven’t caught up with other feeds in days.

I decided to come to Greece mostly because I want to spend as much time with my mum as possible. She is still very fragile, very swollen and taking medications with weird names but that is not what scares me. What scares me is how different she looks. She looks more alive than ever but her shaved head and the scars look unreal. She looks older in the way she moves and her hands shake. She wears a head scarf to protect herself. She is doing okay though, she can’t do much around the house. She is expected to fully recover though, according to the doctor. But it will take time.

In other news, today I will be going to see Linkin Park live! I have been a big fan of theirs since they first appeared and somehow I always managed to miss them when they played in the UK. Who would have thought I’d finally manage to see them live in Greece? Now, how I’m going to deal with going to a concert when it’s so hot out there, I don’t know. I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

all the “new Madonna album” tweets in one place

Those of you following me on twitter probably already know this but Diz suggested I post this on here too.

This morning I downloaded the new Madonna album, Hard Candy to give it a listen while I was studying. Let me state here that I am not a fan of Madonna and I only like some of her older songs with the exception of her previous album (Confessions on the Dance Floor) which I remember listening to a lot and actually enjoying. This is not the type of music I choose to listen to unless I’m out in a bar or something.

So I gave Hard Candy a full listen to see what all the fuss was about and with the exception of a few moments (not even whole songs) I did not like it. I heard the 4 Minutes single she did with Justin Timberlake and I cannot see what is good about it either. I find the whole album very dull. I cannot describe it in a better way. I found it dull and repetitive.

By the time I had reached the last song my head was hurting. This is the first time music has given me a headache before. Actually it’s not the first time but all the other times involved a lot of headbanging and the headache was always worth it. It all started when I “twittered” that the new Madonna album gave me a headache and then decided to take it a step further. I like poking fun at simple things like this. Mocking the album like that was a great outlet for my frustration with the coursework I was doing at the time. Here are the tweets in the order I posted them.

  • The new Madonna album gave me a headache.
  • The new Madonna album killed the pope.
  • The new Madonna album dethroned the queen and increased all our taxes.
  • The new Madonna album ate my last oreo.
  • The new Madonna album is behind global warming.
  • The new Madonna album will kill you softly… with its words.
  • The new Madonna album kidnapped Santa and cancelled Christmas. Forever.
  • The new Madonna album – When you hear it you’ll shit bricks.
  • The new Madonna album sneezed in my coffee.
  • The new Madonna album attacked my mother with a spork.