featured in My Brighton – The Photocopy Club exhibition

the photocopy club exhibition my brighton collageIt’s been a few years since the last time anything I created in any format was publicised. This has a lot to do with my not being in a creative mood, or rather, when I had the inspiration to be creative I had very little time to do so and would channel that energy into my professional life.

A few months ago I started an Instagram account in an effort to at least post some photos to get me back into the sharing mood and it paid off.

Three of my photos were selected and are currently featured in a local exhibition which has been running this month. If you are in Brighton or nearby you can pay it visit and check out some excellent photographs taken by local photographers. Follow the links bellow to read more details and drop by on the 2nd of March for the closing party if you’d like to meet some of the photographers and have a drink with us.

Facebook event page.

naked on the floor

This weekend has really flown by. Actually it’s not just this weekend but lately all the days seem to go by very quickly and I feel like I should be two months behind. To prove it, my wall calendar is still telling me that it’s February. I don’t know what happened but that must have been the month I stopped understanding what days, weeks and months (if not time in general too) mean. But I digress, that is a discussion for a different post, this post is…. a Saturday Scene!

I’ve been meaning to integrate my @SatScenes in the blog for ages but I never actually did. Probably because I wasn’t posting much in general.

So, this Saturday after a walk around the shops with “the wife” we decided to visit a new café in the Brighton Lanes which stays open late. Like every coffee shop should! I won’t start ranting about this now but they really shouldn’t close early. Anyway, I’m referring to the Naked café which might actually be a part of a chain or whatever they’re called. I generally don’t like chains but this was a pretty one. We sat in an area without chairs where instead they have placed pillows against the walls and tiny tables in front of them. It’s pretty. Not necessarily comfortable but cosy nonetheless and it made me feel a little childish too. Okay, I’m almost always childish but usually that character trait is not encouraged by my surroundings… How amazing was that whoopie pie? I’m salivating just thinking about it! Definitely having another one when we go back.

naked on the floor - okay not really, we're just having coffee at naked on the floorAs always, click to embiggen.

what, no manual?

because you need instructions I bought a new lighter today and when I looked closely I noticed a new sticker on it. Seriously? Instructions? You mean it’s not magic? Do you not just invoke the god of fire and hope your prayers will be answered? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?

Honestly though, I will need more than that. Do you have a 0800 number I could call? You see, I was born a blond and I thought I got over it but things like this keep reminding me I may not have and the extra support could prove useful. This is the only way I can look at it. Seeing it in any different way will make me feel like you’re insulting me and my intelligence. Mine and everyone else’s.

As a neurotic member of our society I am deeply worried about this. Shouldn’t it be that if you don’t know how to use a lighter then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one? Wouldn’t that be the best idea? Keep the idiots away from the fire breathing machine? Because, in my book, if someone picks up a lighter and goes “But how?” then they are an idiot.

Is it a marketing idea? Did someone complain? What on earth made you come up with this? Please explain, because I feel dumb and it’s all your fault. I need answers and preferably not on a sticker.

cutting school to enjoy the sun

After my lecture today I left Uni and went down to the beach since I had about an hour to kill. The weather was incredible and since I hadn’t been out in more than a week I decided to walk around. As part of my New Year’s Resolution, I now carry my camera with me every day. The point of this is that I can now use it more often and take pictures whenever I get the chance or come across something interesting.

Since it was sunny and everyone was out enjoying the sun I set out to take some photos. I set my camera on Auto so I wouldn’t need to pause for setting up, put my headphones on and went for it.

This outing really helped me clear my head. Of course I expect the stress to come back once the next deadline approaches.

I have added some of the photos below.

People prefer to sit on the pebbles

The Seafront Carousel

Helping Hand

Pavilion Palace Garden

The Royal Pavilion Palace