hosting ugliness

So it’s been almost 4 days since this blog died an ugly death. Two of the MySQL servers of the hosting company stopped working (with no explanation given) and when I contacted them they said that I should check the “known current issues” section in the account control panel. In fewer words; they suck. They didn’t even bother to tell me what was happening and their response ended in “I hope you’re having a great weekend”.

I may be too upset about this but when someone contacts you in the middle of the night before the sun is even up on Saturday and they tell you that their site is dead they can’t be having too great a weekend can they? They probably didn’t mean it sarcastically but that’s how I took it. I wanted to jump through the screen, grab them by the shoulders and shake them a couple of times.

As you can see the database is back online which means the site is back on as well but I don’t know for how long. As I type this the server might have already crapped out on me again and when I click the Publish button my entry will be lost. I made a fresh backup of the database and will soon start to move away from this hosting company.

They used to be far more reliable when I was with them a year ago and now they’ve lost me as a customer for ever. If they had done anything about this issue sooner or if they had offered some sort of decent apology or compensation I would not be so upset but they haven’t.

Bye bye I am seriously disappointed in you.