clumsy to the core – 5 favourite clumsy moments

The combination of sleep deprivation, coffee and my supernatural ability to break stuff instantly by merely thinking about them is starting to take its toll on my surroundings. In the past hour I’ve managed to lose two posts when I was just about to click the publish button, I have crashed Firefox in a spectacular way which led to the whole computer crashing and losing all the information I had prepared for next couple of posts. I have sent my phone flying across the room when I involuntary pushed a book that was on my desk and which in turn hit the shelf where the phone was sitting quietly minding it’s own business.

I have spoken about my clumsiness many times before on this blog but here’s a list of my 5 most favourite clumsy things I’ve done:

  • Kneed myself in the face
  • Starting singing and dancing to the music playing while taking a shower only to end up flat on my arse hugging the shower curtain
  • I reassured my manager at work that I had everything under control and then proceeded to walk into a wall
  • I stood up a little too quickly, gave myself a headrush, and fell back down again bringing a whole shelf of CD’s along with me for the ride
  • I tried to catch a set of keys someone threw at me only to juggle them in the air for a couple of seconds before sending them flying out the window

PS: My spelling and grammar are starting to deteriorate at this point so I apologise for any mistakes I may be making.

4 thoughts on “clumsy to the core – 5 favourite clumsy moments

  1. looks like you’ve got the situation under control 🙂

    right i’m off to have my breakfast, i shall call back later to see if your still awake/alive.

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