dude, that line is almost vertical on that graph!

It is again my turn! I am taking over my own blog! Yay! I am so tired that my brain isn’t really functioning right now but here goes anyway. Welcome to the last shift for this year’s Blogathon on Therapy in the Making.

I was just trying to come up with ideas for what to write about and I was staring at the Dashboard page of my blog until I noticed it. The traffic stats for my blog.


I’ve been wondering why the site seemed a bit sluggish! It’s obviously because it has been attracting fifteen times the number of visitors it normally does. I haven’t seen numbers like these in years (this used to be a popular blog once upon a time, when I actually blogged regularly). This is crazy, you guys! I feel very pleased that we had such a big audience. It’s very disappointing to try to participate in such an exhausting event and feel like you’re alone or that no one cared. Even if not all of you donated or commented, I know that at least people cared enough to read us. That alone is proof that this was another successful year for Blogathon in general. No matter the bad timing of the event and the conflicts with the two very popular conventions/conferences (Comic-Con and BlogHer) people the participants were still able to reach a decently large audience.

I can only hope that when Blogathon is on again next year, and it’d better be, we will not have to worry about everyone being away and busy somewhere else and more blogs will be able to participate.

I’m so glad right now. Although this could also be because I’m exhausted and we’re finally approaching the end.

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