Fax From The Future release first EP “Hunter of Comets”

So, I have this friend and my friend is in a band. But who doesn’t, right?

Only, this band call themselves Fax From The Future and they are delightfully and unapologetically geeky. Which is so much fun!

I would never be able to come up with a more accurate description than their own words:

“Brighton-based geek-a-billy spock rock. Greasy blues-pop soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse.”

Do you know what that sounds like? If you’ll allow me the hyperbole (try and stop me), that sounds the way your favourite most delicious birthday cake ever tasted.

Read that again.

Now, the exciting news is that Fax From The Future have released their first EP titled “Hunter of Comets” and they are playing their first EP launch gig on 9/3/16 (TONIGHT), at the Marwood Café with Support from Shirty Music – live laser drumkit performance. (FREE entry)

You can stream or buy the Hunter of Comets EP from all the usual places.

So come out for a couple of hours of fun and free live music and lasers or listen to Fax From The Future from wherever you are and have a well-earned hump day boogie.