featured in My Brighton – The Photocopy Club exhibition

the photocopy club exhibition my brighton collageIt’s been a few years since the last time anything I created in any format was publicised. This has a lot to do with my not being in a creative mood, or rather, when I had the inspiration to be creative I had very little time to do so and would channel that energy into my professional life.

A few months ago I started an Instagram account in an effort to at least post some photos to get me back into the sharing mood and it paid off.

Three of my photos were selected and are currently featured in a local exhibition which has been running this month. If you are in Brighton or nearby you can pay it visit and check out some excellent photographs taken by local photographers. Follow the links bellow to read more details and drop by on the 2nd of March for the closing party if you’d like to meet some of the photographers and have a drink with us.

Facebook event page.

2 thoughts on “featured in My Brighton – The Photocopy Club exhibition

  1. blimey, only the other day i was wondering what had happened to your blogging (probably brought on by some news item) and hey presto – maybe i should put more though into the National Lottery 🙂

    Your insta pics look really good, clearly great thought has gone into the composition

    • Hugh! Yes! National Lottery! Do it! And when you win, remember how it was me and this ‘ere blog that started it all. I don’t want any of your winnings. Just thank me in the dedication of your autobiography which will surely be titled “I owe it all to this guy”. I’ll send you a nice photo of me you can use for the cover. 😉

      Thanks for your nice comments on the photos! My already pretty basic skills are kinda rusty so I’m still only learning and messing around until something looks nice. 🙂

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