FFAF is upon us!

Update: FFAF will continue here all through the weekend so feel free to post more than once if you feel like it!

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It’s that time of the month again! I am opening the blog to everyone so you can post and have fun! Last time there were no themes but I thought this time I would give you some ideas so here are this month’s themes:

  1. Sleeping Habits (yes, I’m stealing this from Topical Tuesday since I didn’t post about it this week)
  2. Actually you can use any of the Topical Tuesday topics if you are stuck for ideas and haven’t posted about them before
  3. The latest film you watched
  4. The latest music album you bought or downloaded legally (or illegally)
  5. And the ever so popular “Writers choice”

Now, for the technicalities. You can post using your own user account here. If you don’t have one just register and I’ll upgrade it so you can post using it. The other option is to use the submission form for which you don’t need to have an account but your post may take a while to appear on the site since I have to moderate any submissions from that form (spam-bots love my site and that’s the only solution to keep this site Viagra and penis enlargement pills free).


  • Remember to use the FFAF category (and any other one you may want to use unless you’re using the submission form which only lets you use one category)
  • Plug yourself in the post
  • and have fun!

So, thanks for coming by! Enjoy this month’s Free For All Friday!

PS: I reserve the right to delete any posts I find offensive to people but feel free to swear. I don’t mind. 🙂

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