FFAF: Ready, set, go!

Hello all you beautiful people! The time as I’m writing this is closing to midnight. This means that in a couple of minutes I will be opening the blog for Guest Posting. I will upgrade all the registered users to Authors thus allowing them to post freely on here. To be able to post here you need to register as a user and you will automatically be enabled to post. If you have already registered you can login from here.

For those of you who don’t like registrations (I don’t see why but some people don’t like to register) I have placed a form which will allow you to post directly to this blog without the need to register.

I don’t have any guidelines for your posts except for:

      Remember to use the FFAF category (and any other one you may want to use)
      Plug yourself in the post
      and have fun!

I’ll try to make this a sticky post but I’m not sure it will work.

So, thanks for coming by! Enjoy the first Free For All Friday!

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