for he is excellent?

Rated E for Excellent

Yoshi was kind enough to give me an award and not just any award! Look! I’m rated E! I will wear this badge with pride and honour from now on, even though I never thought of this blog as excellent. I think it’s more of a random mess of words and ramblings. I like to just blurt out whatever pops into my head and it’s mostly used to accommodate my need of an outlet about things I can’t discuss with other people. Hmmmm, maybe I need more friends that will listen? No, already have that! I think I might be too self centred then and want the world to know about what I’m going through? Yes, that sounds like a more reasonable explanation, I’ll stick with that. I am not ready to admit I am addicted to writing about my life.

Right, enough with the weird thought process above. Now for the acceptance speech:

I want to thank the Yoshi Academy *sobs*, my parents, my brother, my imaginary friends *sobs more*, NescafΓ©, Starbucks, Redbull. I also want to thank my procrastination for keeping this blog alive, ABBA for the music, India, providence, terror, nothingness, disillusionment, clarity, frailty, consequence and other random Alanis Morissette words from her songs. *sobs one last time* Most importantly though, I want to thank the people who have been around commenting and offering their kind supporting words whenever I am down or things get rough for me.

It is now my turn to offer this award to 10 people that were not already in Yoshi’s list. In no particular order:

I could go on but I’m limited to 10 people and I like to play by the rules. Danalyn does not get one because like Yoshi said she needs to blog more. She is awesome though and so she deserves an honourable mention.

This award started at Project Mommy and I think she’s the most Excellent one of all of us for starting this.

9 thoughts on “for he is excellent?

  1. I got an award? *sob, sniffle* YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!

    *cough* Sorry. I got possessed by Sally Field there for a second.

    Thank you, thank you πŸ˜‰

  2. diz :: just put on a funny nun hat and pretend you’re flying!

    Danalyn :: Soon we’ll break you and you’ll start posting more often. I’m with Yoshi on this!

  3. LOL that’s great. you got all the other people I wanted to get. of course, I didn’t limit it to 10 people haha.

    But yay for awards. lol danalyn is doomed to get the non awards. LOL always the bridesmaid but not the bride. πŸ˜›

  4. Well, we tend to run in the same circles. πŸ˜†

    I was tempted to make a special award for Danalyn but I don’t want to encourage her to not post.

    Danalyn!!!! Post! Post, I tell you!

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