happy new year

Goodbye warm sweet summer breeze. I will force myself to live carefree for another few days but I’m not strong enough. There is a new year ahead of me, waiting to be lived. Today is when the new year begins. For me the start of the year has always been September. January is just an excuse for celebrating a new number.

I wanted 2004-2005 to be unique and it was.

I will wake up tomorrow with a confident smile. It is my personal anniversary. My first anniversary of doing things my way. Standing on my own two feet and smiling. 366 days ago I was handing over my heart to the only person that could give me this opportunity and he did. Thank you. Do you remember me shaking and forgetting my English as I spoke to you? Do you remember my nervous smile? I wasn’t confident then, I was very scared. You believed I could do this, you probably saw it in my eyes. You trusted me and for that I thank you.

I want to say I owe you but the word isn’t strong enough.

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