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So it’s been almost 4 days since this blog died an ugly death. Two of the MySQL servers of the hosting company stopped working (with no explanation given) and when I contacted them they said that I should check the “known current issues” section in the account control panel. In fewer words; they suck. They didn’t even bother to tell me what was happening and their response ended in “I hope you’re having a great weekend”.

I may be too upset about this but when someone contacts you in the middle of the night before the sun is even up on Saturday and they tell you that their site is dead they can’t be having too great a weekend can they? They probably didn’t mean it sarcastically but that’s how I took it. I wanted to jump through the screen, grab them by the shoulders and shake them a couple of times.

As you can see the database is back online which means the site is back on as well but I don’t know for how long. As I type this the server might have already crapped out on me again and when I click the Publish button my entry will be lost. I made a fresh backup of the database and will soon start to move away from this hosting company.

They used to be far more reliable when I was with them a year ago and now they’ve lost me as a customer for ever. If they had done anything about this issue sooner or if they had offered some sort of decent apology or compensation I would not be so upset but they haven’t.

Bye bye I am seriously disappointed in you.

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  1. yeah, I’d leave asap and get my stuff up somewhere else. that’s just ridiculous. Of course, I guess they could be trying to get rid of customers, but that’s still a shitty way to do it.

    Screw those hosting people! Hope you find a good hosting company.

  2. oh bugger – very poor customer service

    Sounds like a bog standard e-mail, just like the letter i got from the council this morning addressed to Mr Hugh… it then starts ….. Dear Sir or Madam

    I have no idea what all this sql stuff is, but it seems very important – can’t you just press a button to make it work?

  3. yoshi :: Thanks. I will start looking again from next week because now I’m incredibly busy with coursework and don’t have time for much else. For now I’ll just do daily backups and if it happens again I’ll just take Danalyn up on her offer to host my MySQL temporarily.

    Hugh :: It was more of a “we won’t bother telling you what’s happening as we probably fucked something up and keep checking for it yourself”. Until this morning, when the server was back on, the message on their control panel still said the same thing – that they were aware of the situation and that a technician would look into it and update on the situation.
    Just so you know (and in case you do want to know) SQL is a type of database and in my case it keeps all the posts, comments, categories and all the information that is this blog. The pages you see are dynamically generated every time you visit the site. They pull the content from that database and display it using the theme saved on the files I have on the FTP server (which is used to hold the actual files, like images). Even the info for which template to use is stored on the database. So without that there is no “therapy in the making” it’s just a bunch of files that sit on a server waiting to be called and displayed. If you look at the bottom of each page on this blog there is a statement that tells you how many queries were performed on the database and how long it took to generate the resulting page before sending it to your browser.

    Pee Ess: This is the best, simple explanation I can give you right now.

  4. Oh yeah. you know you can preview hostgator now, and i can just create an account for you on my server if you want. just let me know and i’ll set you up and tell you waht you need to change on your domain.

    let me know.

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