I am legend

I am LegendOk, taking Therapy in the Making’s suggestion of my last movie watched, and it was “I am Legend”. If you haven’t seen this movie with Will Smith, I highly recommend it. I’m thinking about picking up the book, just to have something else to read besides the urban fantasy that I normally read.

I loved the movie, and was a little disappointed in the theatre during the end, I’ll admit it. But if you did see the movie, you MUST watch the alternate ending that was not shown in the theatre, but is on the DVD. If you don’t want to go buy the DVD, you can find the original ending to I am Legend and learn a bit more about the story.

I will warn you, that article is a spoiler! Don’t go there if you haven’t seen the movie!

I’m also doing Free for all Friday, so go on over to hello! yoshi later on! (it’s not Friday for me yet!)

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  1. Even though I am not a big fan of Will Smith I want to see this film too and when I do I’m definitely going to check out the alternative ending! Thanks! 🙂

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