it feels a lot like winning

Wow! We made it! This is the end guys! The last post on Therapy in the Making for Blogathon 2009! You have all been incredible; the bloggers, the sponsors, the readers, the commenters, the tweeters, the instant messengers, the callers, the joiners, the whiners, the complainers, the encouragers, the winners, the losers, the men, the women and all of those in between.

You have been truly inspirational over the last couple of days. Hell, some of you pledged before the Blogathon even started! Thank you for your support, no matter how you did it.

Very special thank you’s to:
– the people who blogged here over the past 24 hours for making this a reality
– the people who donated for making this a success
– the people who commented for making it extremely fun for all of us
– and all of those who kept us company via twitter and instant messaging

Remember, although the event is over you can and should keep donating to Doctors Without Borders. They can use all the money we can give them and you know very well they’ll put it to good use.

This is where I would normally list a “best of” out of all the posts published here but it impossible to choose! Everyone in the group had a different style and idea for their shifts and they were all equally interesting and entertaining. I recommend you relive the whole experience by using the blogathon ’09 category archive. Yes, it was that good I would do it all over again. Only I would like to get some sleep first. For a couple of days.

Thank you all again, for being here. You made this year’s Blogathon a unique, unforgettable and very inspiring experience!

11 thoughts on “it feels a lot like winning

  1. @Hilly: Yo quit spamming my blog! 😛 So, sorry about that. I don’t know why it’s happening. I’ll keep looking into it, hopefully I’ll find a solution. 🙁

    @Jaynee: Thank you so much! It was great to have you around! You were great company through this!

  2. @Poppy: I think it’s a good amount. Considering how little money everyone has to spare these days. Thank you for your donation and support!

    @Monique: You are welcome! Yes, next year we’ll start sooner so we’re not overwhelmed before the ‘thon even starts. 😆

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