Let’s Talk Cell Phones

Good morning people that read this blog (and probably don’t read mine, pfft! haha)! My name is Katie and I run Kat Scratch Fever and KSF To-Go, among other things. I’m here for Free For All Friday! After you’re done here, you should pop by my blog and leave a post and/or comments there 😀

So! Let’s talk about cell phones, shall we? Why? Why not I say! I remember my first cell phone… it was this big clunky thing on a pay-as-you go service. I try to block that from my memory as much as possible but it doesn’t seem to work. I am much more sophisticated now, with my Blackberry Pearl and stupid contract. I feel so disconnected from my universe whenever I go somewhere that makes me lose my signal. I like having my email and internet and all that jazz.

I think when my contract is up in November and I can switch carriers (I love T-Mobile but the reception in Oregon is terrible), I will switch to Verizon and get myself an enV. I really want the Voyager, but it’s really expensive.

Anyhow! Enough of my blabbering, now it’s your turn. Tell me a story about your cell phone history! First phone? Current phone? Horror story about your butt accidentally dialing someone and them overhearing something that you would have rather they didn’t hear? Spill the beans!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Cell Phones

  1. Ha, I remember my first nokia cellphone. I think I had tmobile back then, I don’t remember. All i know is that service really sucked. I couldn’t get any bars in my own home!

    That’s not right. LOL It was so clunky too. But damn it did the job. 😀

  2. Haha! You mean like having them hear you fart?

    My first mobile phone was a few years ago while I was still in school. I didn’t really need one but my brother had won one in a contest and to even the score my dad decided that it was time for me to have one too so we got an Ericsson T28 (it was just Ericsson then and not Sony Ericsson) which was beautiful, thin and tiny with a very thick antenna. I loved it! In order to not pay for the phone we got in a contract and I was not allowed to spend more than £20 each month. Back then text messages were more expensive than they are now but they were still cheaper than calling someone. So all I did was text my friends and only called when I really had to.

    Back around 1995 we moved house and they were taking too long to install a landline for us so we got one of the mobile brick-phones that were around then. I think it was an Ericsson one and it was only good for calls and its battery was rubbish so it was constantly plugged in to the charger.

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