most embarrassing pizza order ever

– Hello. You’ve called “… Pizza” my name is “…”, how can I help you?

– Hi, could I make an order please?

– Certainly! What kind of pizza would you like?

– I would like one Large, Stuffed Crotch Meaty Pi-…

– *bursts into laughter*

– Oh god! *starts to laugh uncontrollably* I’m so sorry! I meant Stuffed Crust!

– *trying to catch her breath but still laughing* That’s okay.

– Oh no, this is so embarrassing, I’m really sorry. Okay, let me try that again without the Freudian slip.

– Sure.

We kept laughing until the end of the phone call.

17 thoughts on “most embarrassing pizza order ever

  1. Mmmm, hmmmm! So, were you fantasizing about the delivery before you even ordered? Envisioning a little erotic fantasy?……I can see it now: “The Pizza Boy – He Delivers” 😳

  2. Thankfully, while the restaurant I work in DOES offer Pizza. It does NOT offer Stuffed Crotch, or Crust. Otherwise I would have to be beating you about the head and shoulders for lodging that in my head.

  3. Monique :: Yes… That’s the exact sound she made.

    Musing :: I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to traumatise you. LOL

    Sodapop :: I couldn’t stop laughing either. I swear she could hear me blush through the phone.

    Lisa :: Let’s not go there. It’d be too traumatising.

    Meesh :: Ha! No it’s not but right now I have a very scary image in my head.

    Dave2 :: They sent the lesbian delivery person.

    Daniel :: It was soooo embarrassing! Now I’m afraid I might never be able to order stuffed crust again just because I’ll start laughing before I get the sentence out.

    Etienne :: I have no idea what I was fantasising about. I swear it just came out!

    Abraxus :: Trust me I am beating myself about the head and shoulders about getting this stuck in my own head. I’m glad you are safe from this.

    DaDuck :: I’m pretty sure they did because it’s one of those chain pizza places that would do that. I just hope it doesn’t turn up on the internet. 😆

    Brandon :: That’s what I was thinking too. Kinda. 😳

  4. annie :: bwahaha! Sausage indeed, it was even a meaty pizza (yes that’s the name of it) so it already had all the possible meats someone can have on a pizza. LOL

    Sylvia :: We couldn’t stop laughing either. We kept pausing mid-sentence to giggle. So embarrassing! 😆

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