Muse <3

A couple years ago I got Guitar Hero 3 which had a song called “Knights of Cedonia” on it.  I was very intrigued but knew nothing about the band.  Shortly after that I went to go visit my High School Best Friend Forever (HSBFF) and while we were getting ready to go out, she was playing music.  I was really digging the music and asked who it was.  She told me it was Muse – and told me that they were the band that did “Knights”.  I got my hands on as much Muse music as I could find and just devoured it all.  I love this band!  They are a trio from England.

So, a few months ago the HSBFF calls me and says that I needed to come to New York City (where she lives – squeeee!  I love NYC) in September to go see U2 with her.  Meh, I’m not a huge fan of U2, so I began kind of trying to backpeddle my way out of going up there when she dropped the following bomb on me.

“Muse is the opening act.”

O-M-G!  I immediately agreed to go.  We bought concert tickets and squealed all over each other.  She called me the next day.  “Guess what?  They added a second show!”  O-M-G x2!  So we bought tickets to that show as well.

SO. EXCITED.  I can’t wait to see them.  Oh, for your viewing/listening pleasure….here is a live version of one of my favorite songs by them – Unintended.

(and Therapy in the Making? Mat Bellamy is very dreamy and you totally remind me of him!!!)

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