naked on the floor

This weekend has really flown by. Actually it’s not just this weekend but lately all the days seem to go by very quickly and I feel like I should be two months behind. To prove it, my wall calendar is still telling me that it’s February. I don’t know what happened but that must have been the month I stopped understanding what days, weeks and months (if not time in general too) mean. But I digress, that is a discussion for a different post, this post is…. a Saturday Scene!

I’ve been meaning to integrate my @SatScenes in the blog for ages but I never actually did. Probably because I wasn’t posting much in general.

So, this Saturday after a walk around the shops with “the wife” we decided to visit a new café in the Brighton Lanes which stays open late. Like every coffee shop should! I won’t start ranting about this now but they really shouldn’t close early. Anyway, I’m referring to the Naked café which might actually be a part of a chain or whatever they’re called. I generally don’t like chains but this was a pretty one. We sat in an area without chairs where instead they have placed pillows against the walls and tiny tables in front of them. It’s pretty. Not necessarily comfortable but cosy nonetheless and it made me feel a little childish too. Okay, I’m almost always childish but usually that character trait is not encouraged by my surroundings… How amazing was that whoopie pie? I’m salivating just thinking about it! Definitely having another one when we go back.

naked on the floor - okay not really, we're just having coffee at naked on the floorAs always, click to embiggen.

10 thoughts on “naked on the floor

  1. Humph! There ought to be a truth-in-advertising law. “Naked on the floor” my foot! (or your foot or her foot – whoever’s foot that is 😉

    BTW Your comments button is just a bit on the hard side to find

    • That is “the wife’s” foot. I’m wearing the white shoes on the left… As for the title it’s all about the teasing… 😉 If you want to see the good stuff come meet me at the gym locker room around 8:45pm. LOL

      As for the comments, if you just click on the title to the post, the comment form will be at the bottom. You don’t need to click the number at the top left. But you’re right, I might have to make it a little more obvious.

  2. First off- yes. I was expecting things to be naked. Or at least a story about people being naked. SOMETHING. Srsly.

    Second – that whoopie pie looks amazing. I want one!

    (Third – your link to people you stalk turns up with a link library thingie. No actual names or sites or such.)
    .-= Poe´s last blog ..I say… =-.

    • Heehee!!! Yep, I knew you would. I like to tease like that. Aren’t you upset? Like, don’t you just want to fly over here and spank me? 😛

      That whoopie pie was awesome. I went back yesterday but they didn’t have any. Instead they had Victoria Sponge cake which was pretty good also.

      On the People I Stalk page front, thanks for letting me know. The links are out of date but working now. It was a problem caused by the WordPress Super Cache plugin. If it’s still not working for you let me know.

  3. oooh that is a great idea! I have clicked follow and will “try” to do this too. I need inspiration to blog more since I so rarely have anything to say anymore—which is frightening to me but a delight to those around me. meh.

    • That’s weird! It seems to be recognising everyone else… Try it again when you get a chance and let me know. Maybe the request timed out because your server was slow at the time. I believe it worked in the past for you, right?

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