No Teddy Bear Required

Dear, sweet, Therapy in the Making stopped by my site, saying that I should come over here and participate for FFAF. I normally would’ve ignored it but when he laid it all out there stating that he understood he was shameless, I just had to come over. I appreciate honesty, and one truly has to be shameless to admit they are shameless, right? Well, at least I think so.

So, now, for my own shameless confession. I had a hard time choosing from the topics presented, because all of them are rather applicable to myself. Seeing as I watch movies and download albums from the comfort of my bed, why not combine three topics into one?

So I now present to you my bedtime ritualbuflick smashup:

-Brush Teeth
-Finish my skincare regimen (I’m a girl, it is a must for us!)
-Trip over dog on way to drying my face.
-Trip over cat on way to stand in front of mirror and brush out my wet hair.
-Turn off light.
-Trip over dog on way to finding bed.
-Prior to getting into bed, grab my MacBook Pro off of cart.
-Plug in headphones
-Open up MacBook Pro
-Pull bedcovers aside, waking up a cat in the process.
-Slip into bed under bedcovers.
-Place MacBook Pro on lap, plugging in headphones.
*Shamelessness Alert*
-Watch some Bleach.
-Enjoy one of the songs so much, that I look up the group and download their album.
-Watch more Bleach.
-Notice sun is up.
-Close MacBook Pro.
-Remove headphones from ears and replace with earplugs.
-Get up and put MacBook Pro back on cart.
-Remove cat from recently vacated spot on bed before climbing back in.
-Set Alarm clock.
-Roll over to fall asleep, noting the weight adjustment on the bed as dog hops onto it.


4 thoughts on “No Teddy Bear Required

  1. Yeah, I am shameless when it comes to FFAF. This was awesome though! Thanks for taking part! Now excuse me while I roll in a ball again and try to feel better. (I’ve had a nasty stomach ache for the past 4-5 hours)

  2. Nop, definitely not bathroom cleaner related. Not everything in this life is but then again I get it often and I still don’t know what is causing it. I should really see a doctor, don’t you think?

    *rolls in a ball and moans a little bit more*

  3. Uh, I think you should go to hospital if it gets too bad. Take it from someone who ignored pain and get it checked out or it will bite you in the arse.

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