naked on the floor

This weekend has really flown by. Actually it’s not just this weekend but lately all the days seem to go by very quickly and I feel like I should be two months behind. To prove it, my wall calendar is still telling me that it’s February. I don’t know what happened but that must have been the month I stopped understanding what days, weeks and months (if not time in general too) mean. But I digress, that is a discussion for a different post, this post is…. a Saturday Scene!

I’ve been meaning to integrate my @SatScenes in the blog for ages but I never actually did. Probably because I wasn’t posting much in general.

So, this Saturday after a walk around the shops with “the wife” we decided to visit a new café in the Brighton Lanes which stays open late. Like every coffee shop should! I won’t start ranting about this now but they really shouldn’t close early. Anyway, I’m referring to the Naked café which might actually be a part of a chain or whatever they’re called. I generally don’t like chains but this was a pretty one. We sat in an area without chairs where instead they have placed pillows against the walls and tiny tables in front of them. It’s pretty. Not necessarily comfortable but cosy nonetheless and it made me feel a little childish too. Okay, I’m almost always childish but usually that character trait is not encouraged by my surroundings… How amazing was that whoopie pie? I’m salivating just thinking about it! Definitely having another one when we go back.

naked on the floor - okay not really, we're just having coffee at naked on the floorAs always, click to embiggen.

note to self

I need to learn how to say “shut your hole you loud inconsiderate prick” in every language there is. It sucks to live so close to all these pubs.

it feels a lot like winning

Wow! We made it! This is the end guys! The last post on Therapy in the Making for Blogathon 2009! You have all been incredible; the bloggers, the sponsors, the readers, the commenters, the tweeters, the instant messengers, the callers, the joiners, the whiners, the complainers, the encouragers, the winners, the losers, the men, the women and all of those in between.

You have been truly inspirational over the last couple of days. Hell, some of you pledged before the Blogathon even started! Thank you for your support, no matter how you did it.

Very special thank you’s to:
– the people who blogged here over the past 24 hours for making this a reality
– the people who donated for making this a success
– the people who commented for making it extremely fun for all of us
– and all of those who kept us company via twitter and instant messaging

Remember, although the event is over you can and should keep donating to Doctors Without Borders. They can use all the money we can give them and you know very well they’ll put it to good use.

This is where I would normally list a “best of” out of all the posts published here but it impossible to choose! Everyone in the group had a different style and idea for their shifts and they were all equally interesting and entertaining. I recommend you relive the whole experience by using the blogathon ’09 category archive. Yes, it was that good I would do it all over again. Only I would like to get some sleep first. For a couple of days.

Thank you all again, for being here. You made this year’s Blogathon a unique, unforgettable and very inspiring experience!

procrastination causes braindeadiness

The end is coming! It is! Blogathon will be ending soon! I don’t think I remember what life is like without Blogathon. I have been dealing with it since Thursday night, since my family kept me busy until then. Group emails, tweets, making some changes to the blog template, cursing because I broke the template, fixing it, more group emails, calls, instant messages…

It’s all for a good cause though and I volunteered to do this so I would never complain. In fact I’ve been enjoying this. It’s nice to do things you want with people who want to do them. This is only my second time participating in Blogathon as a blogger and this year’s experience has been much better than the previous. Plus, I don’t think I’d have made it to the end if I did it on my own. I’d probably have pulled out half my hair and destroyed my blog by now (I tend to break it by accident every time I’m in a rush).

This reminds that I discovered a bald spot in my left eyebrow. I don’t know why or how but I woke up and there was a bald spot! I have talked about how I am very clumsy and tend to discover scratches and bruises on me that I don’t remember getting but this is different. I’ve also been noticing other weird things. Lately I keep catching myself doing the stupidest things. What is happening to me? When did I become the person who cannot remember to not speak while he has mouthwash in his mouth? Yes, I made a mess.

I think it might have to do with the fact that I haven’t been doing much with my brain over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been very lazy and I guess it’s true what they say. Your brain is a muscle, if you don’t use it, you lose it and let’s just say that I’ve been finding myself with time to floss, time to clean, to discover that my duvet fits in the washing machine, etc.

Starting this Monday I should be getting back into my uni work. I have to start and finish my dissertation by the end of September. Although it sounds like a long time it’s not. There are a lot of things than need to be done. I have a lot of reading, writing and referencing to do. Preferably I should use half the time to research and write it and the rest to make correction/revisions and “last minute” additions which aim to improve the grade.

Having said all this, I know what I’m like and I can see myself procrastinating another week away. What do you tend to do when you procrastinate or get lazy?

dude, that line is almost vertical on that graph!

It is again my turn! I am taking over my own blog! Yay! I am so tired that my brain isn’t really functioning right now but here goes anyway. Welcome to the last shift for this year’s Blogathon on Therapy in the Making.

I was just trying to come up with ideas for what to write about and I was staring at the Dashboard page of my blog until I noticed it. The traffic stats for my blog.


I’ve been wondering why the site seemed a bit sluggish! It’s obviously because it has been attracting fifteen times the number of visitors it normally does. I haven’t seen numbers like these in years (this used to be a popular blog once upon a time, when I actually blogged regularly). This is crazy, you guys! I feel very pleased that we had such a big audience. It’s very disappointing to try to participate in such an exhausting event and feel like you’re alone or that no one cared. Even if not all of you donated or commented, I know that at least people cared enough to read us. That alone is proof that this was another successful year for Blogathon in general. No matter the bad timing of the event and the conflicts with the two very popular conventions/conferences (Comic-Con and BlogHer) people the participants were still able to reach a decently large audience.

I can only hope that when Blogathon is on again next year, and it’d better be, we will not have to worry about everyone being away and busy somewhere else and more blogs will be able to participate.

I’m so glad right now. Although this could also be because I’m exhausted and we’re finally approaching the end.