ready, set, blog

Mic check. One-two. Three. Five. Blue. (the surrealist’s mic check, also the last two used to be boybands… oy)

This is blogathon ’09! Welcome!

I am currently trying to jump start my brain so I can write something interesting and fun for you and for the next two hours that I will be keeping you company but first things first. This is the obligatory welcome post complete with information about what will be happening here so bear with me.

As you know this year Therapy in the Making is participating as a group blog. We are a team of 8(!) bloggers so far and we will all be posting in shifts for you right here. We will also be making the rounds and commenting on different blogs. Also, there is a good chance that some of us will be live on webcam during different times or even simultaneously (aka webcam orgy). Now, I want everyone to be aware that neither of us hold back when it comes to blogging. We write about things we believe and we do so passionately. This means that four-letter words and other charming epithets might appear in our posts. If you are easily offended please try to not be. We are not trying to offend anyone.

Now as you can see on our lovely (ugh-it’s-so-ugly) sidebar, this year we are raising money for Doctors Without Borders. You should sponsor us here. You need to register on the Blogathon website to do so but don’t worry about using your email address there. They do not spam. Trust me. Then, once you have sponsored us (not anonymously which is an option on the Blogathon website) I will receive an email notification and you will be added to the draw to win one of our fabulous Sponsor Rewards! I will go into details about these later on. If you want you can offer things to throw in the pot along the way too. Just email me ( about it. I am also looking to find out about what you are doing for Blogathon, who you are raising money for and if there is anything I can do so PLEASE drop me an email about it.

So here’s to an amazing 24 hours!

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