very QUICK and URGENT post

I had this idea this morning. As some of you might know, I am trying to organise myself so I can take part in Blogathon ’09. If you don’t know what it is let me give you the quick intro. If you do know then you can skip the next paragraph:

You take part by entering a blog address, you name(s) and the charity you are doing this for. Then starting at 6am Pacific Time (follow this link to see what time that is where you are) all the blogs taking part will start posting and will continue to do so for the next 24 hours. New posts must be up every 30 minutes. You can find more info on the official Blogathon website.

Now this where you come in. If you cannot take part for the whole 24 hour period but still want to participate then let me know. I will be up for the duration of the event and will be taking part but if any of you want to join then this is your chance to take over my blog (therapy in the making) for a couple of posts or even a few hours. We can even do it in turns and you can post randomly or in scheduled intervals during the day.

You have until Friday to let me know if you’re interested but as no applications will be accepted after the 22nd of July, we need to hurry. That is IF you have a specific idea about a charity you’d like this blog to raise money and awareness for on the day. If you just want to take part in the fun you are more than welcome to but if you have a specific charity you’d like us to blog for then please come forward now as there’s only a day left to get that in order. I am looking at rewards for the sponsors (small gifts to keep things fun and everyone happy) but if you have any ideas then please let me know about them too.

If you don’t want to leave a comment here and would rather we talked about this in private then please get in touch over email at

That’s all for now. Please spread the word and link or tweet and retweet links to this post.

3 thoughts on “very QUICK and URGENT post

  1. @Ruthie: Wow! I actually was thinking of you this morning as I was writing the post! I was thinking about how could do video posts if you wanted too. 🙂

    @Monique: Yay! Awesomeness! Me love you long time! <3

    Any more offers out there????????

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