while the blog was down

Since this blog died on Friday night I have not been able to post about things I’ve been up to here. Of course I’m still guest blogging at Pandora’s Box while the wonderful Pandora is away and this helped a little but there are things that don’t belong there and that should be here. The blog downage (it is a real word because I said it) yesterday meant that there isn’t an addition to my Mondayz Tunez this week. I will post another song next week since this is my second post for today and I don’t want to over-post.

The first and very big and awesome piece of news is that the plaid toaster has now been saved! Melanie’s blog was in danger of closing down but everyone helped and the crisis has been averted! I may not know Melanie very well but I tried to help too because that’s what I would like other people to do for me if I was ever in any trouble and I can totally understand what it feels like to be left without a outlet for your daily woes.

In other news, as promised here are links to more of my posts on Pandora’s Box:
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Nothing fancy like my first guest post there so far but you can go have a read and comment too!

Moving forward in time to last night now… I went to Jacob’s Stories Album Launch Show. (Jacob’s Stories MySpace page – you can hear some of the songs here) The show was great and the other two bands there supporting Jacob’s Stories were very good also but the highlight of the night for me was the performance of Jacob’s Stories. I have photos and video from the night which I will post later or tomorrow and I got Stuart to sign my copy of the album for which I am very excited! After last night I have decided to make more of an effort to attend shows of local bands.

Today I was invited to go to an advanced screening of 27 Dresses which I decided not to go to even though I thought the film would be a good laugh. I have a lot of work to do for my final year project (which is due very soon). I will try and watch it some other time that I’ll have less to do.

This is it for now. I hope you’re having a nice Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “while the blog was down

  1. oh dear… remember a couple of things

    1.What’s the worst he can say……. if you don’t talk to him it will be no anyway

    2.He will be worrying more about what you think of him, than you will be worrying about what he thinks of you.

    3. just smile, say “Hello, my name’s Colin”

    4. listen to my friend Baz Luhrman 😀

  2. Glad to be of help….. needless to say, it’s easier to give advice than follow it 😀

    OMG – you never said you could sing, or for that matter that you had your tongue pierced – great voice

    Sorry i still haven’t gotten the hang of this editing comments thingy… hence why i have another posting underneath – how do you delete it?

  3. Don’t worry too much about leaving double comments. If I see double comments I will leave the best one on and delete the others. As for the editing of the comments if you try to edit your comments within the next 15 minutes from submitting them you’ll be fine. Just click your comment that you want to edit while the timer is still counting down and the comment should change to a text box ready for you to make changes to it. I don’t think it will let you delete one, I think you can only edit them. 😉

    I am not very good with giving advice nor following it but I think I can follow your advice and it really does help. I tend to overthink things.

    As for the singing…. I guess you discovered my YouTube videos? lol I don’t claim I can sing, I just enjoy doing it for fun but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my piercings before but you probably missed it. They used to be eyebrow, tongue, ears (lobes) but I took the eyebrow one off back around November as it was coming out and I didn’t want it to get caught someone and be ripped off my face. I’ll probably get it done again soon. I’m glad you liked the vids. 😀

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